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  • Who you are?
    Our company was established in 1986 and an area of over 60000 square meters.The original name of company called Linhai Huarong leisure goods Co., LTd . In 2016, its renamed to Guanghe art craft Co., Ltd .
  • What you offer?
    We are offers three operating plants - crafts, wooden furniture and outdoor furniture. We specializes in all kinds of wooden furniture-wooden house, wooden pets products, wooden traveling products, etc.
  • Are you manufacturer or dealer?
    We are specializing in the production of wooden pet toys factory, products sold to Europe, North America, Japan and dozens of countries and regions.
  • What are your opening time?
    We are open Monday to Saturday, 8.00 to 5.00
  • Why should we choose your company?
    Because the product design is novel, the quality is perfect, has been trusted by the customer for many years.
  • What is our purpose?
    Quality and development, integrity market, development is our goal, in the common interest with customers on the basis of cooperation, and strive to open up a larger market.